PandA Ceramics & More is on vacation!

Our shop has moved and the kilns are not up and running yet.  I need to get new licenses and insurance for the new location and I’m not sure how long this is going to take.  I’ve also been made aware of a problem on our check-out page, which I will fix, as soon as possible.


I will post on here as soon as the kilns are up and running.  I do have some bisque, and some painted items, so if you are interested in something, email me to find out if I have one available.  I have quite a few of the Care Bear Magnet sets available.



Sorry for the inconvenience – I know a lot of you want a Christmas Tree – but this is beyond my control – Hopefully everything will be all set and you can always send in an order for any item, if you’re not in a hurry for it!



Time for the New Year!

Christmas is over and winter is definitely here!  I’m looking through my molds to see what I have for Valentine’s Day.  I had this Bunny with a heart vase/planter sitting on the shelf, so I painted it:










This can also be used to hold candy, pencils; anything you want!  Easter items will be added soon too!  Time is just flying by!

Christmas is almost here!

Wow! The time is really flying by! Before we know it, it’ll be 2014. While it is still Christmas time, don’t forget to get personalized Christmas tree ornaments for the special people in your life. Everybody loves opening the box with decorations in it and going through all the special ornaments and remembering the story behind each one. These are always sent Priority Mail 2 day delivery and depending on how many you purchase, the shipping will only be the price of one, because Priority is “If it fits, it ships.” I can fit about 5 in a small box which is approximately $5.85 for the shipping. Don’t forget all the special people in your life! Merry Christmas!!








Time to get ready for Christmas!

Christmas is right around the corner, so it’s time to start getting ready!!  Christmas tree ornaments make a wonderful gift for anyone!  Children love making them and they are a keepsake that can last forever.

We also have Lighted Christmas Trees!  We have different sizes from small (9 inches) to tall (approximately 26 inches) and several different bases to choose from for the large Christmas trees.  You can make your own or I can make it for you.  They come with all the plastic lights for the branches and the base all wired with a cord with a switch on it.




We have many other Christmas Decorations, too!  Look through the Christmas Section and see what else there is!  I just finished making a Light-up Church that was fun to make.  I made fake stained glass windows in it, with which the designs you can use are endless!





It’s never too early to start thinking about Xmas!!


Create it Yourself!

Do you love to paint?  Do you find yourself looking at things in the store thinking “That would look so much better if they had painted it another color instead?”


Playful Pandas


At PandA Ceramics and More we know that feeling!  If you have always wanted to make your own household items and decorations, or gifts for friends, join us for ceramic classes.  All the supplies you will need to make your items just how you want it are here at your fingertips.  All stained items will be ready to go home with you the same day.  Items that need to be glazed – anything that will come in contact with liquid will need to be glazed – will be ready in about a week.

Fun for all ages!  We will soon have wooden items available, too!  Take a look through our products page and see if there is anything you like.  More stuff will be added regulary so keep checking back!