Create it Yourself!

Do you love to paint?  Do you find yourself looking at things in the store thinking “That would look so much better if they had painted it another color instead?”


Playful Pandas


At PandA Ceramics and More we know that feeling!  If you have always wanted to make your own household items and decorations, or gifts for friends, join us for ceramic classes.  All the supplies you will need to make your items just how you want it are here at your fingertips.  All stained items will be ready to go home with you the same day.  Items that need to be glazed – anything that will come in contact with liquid will need to be glazed – will be ready in about a week.

Fun for all ages!  We will soon have wooden items available, too!  Take a look through our products page and see if there is anything you like.  More stuff will be added regulary so keep checking back!

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